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Ironwood Golf Range

Story of Ironwood Golf Range

Ironwood Golf Range was built in 1999. We opened that same year on August 14. We felt there was a need for a stand-alone driving range with a quality grass teeing area such as you might find at a golf course. Currently we have 0.4 acres of teeing ground with ropes that are moved daily to ensure the best grass teeing area for everyone. There are approximately 18 spaces for golfers on the grass and we have 10 artificial mats to hit from. In addition, we have a short game practice area, which features a chipping/putting green and bunker.

We pride ourselves in having accurate yardages to targets so that no matter where you are on the teeing ground, you'll know exactly how far it is to the flag. This is done by having 16 yardage markers placed throughout the teeing ground with distances to 9 different targets on each one.

Golf Balls and Tee

Improve your golf game by practicing
regularly at Ironwood Golf Range!

Ironwood Golf Range

Open from 9 a.m. til dusk, April through October
11480 Scandia Trl N
Located just west of Scandia on Hwy 97
Scandia, MN 55073
651 433-2380

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